Justin Lee is a digital designer based in San Francisco. He currently works for Chewse, a food and culture startup, as a Product Designer where he owns key design efforts.

Lee grew up in Stockton, CA, and he received his BSE in Digital Media Design from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015.


I primarily deal with digital products and experiences. While design can be a powerful way to communicate, I don’t consider it a magic bullet in and of itself. What I do believe is that excellent products are a resolution of many different factors and perspectives, so I favor working alongside individuals from varied backgrounds and disciplines.

I tend to follow a few principles in my work:

• Clear and candid communication
• Simple but compelling concepts
• Execution with rigor and intentionality
• Room for Play & Experimentation

I’m currently open for projects, so if you think there’s an opportunity to work together, feel free to reach out.

Updated 2018.