Justin Lee is an interdisciplinary designer based in San Francisco. He currently works for Chewse, a food and culture startup, as a Product Designer where he owns key design efforts.

Lee’s background is in computer science, communications, and design, and he received his BSE in Digital Media Design from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015.


I go by Justin*, and I’m a designer who specializes primarily in digital products. I don’t really consider design a magic bullet for much of anything in and of itself, but it’s my preferred way of making arguments for how the world should be. I first got into design designing custom skins for music players, and I later found out it could become a job.

I moved around a lot when I was younger, but I probably spent most of my time growing up in Stockton, CA. I have fond memories of swap meets and used objects. For a change of pace, I decided to move out to Philly for school where I learned how to talk to people who study finance. I begrudgingly admit it’s been incredibly useful for my career.

I’m currently in California and live in San Francisco. I love learning, and the reason why I stay in this field is that every year, I always manage to find something that makes me see anew again.

* Born Dong Hyun Lee to two Korean immigrants
† Era of Winamp, foobar2000,, Soulseek — did the nostalgia hit yet?


I’m a flexible person, but there are a few principles I tend to stick to:

• Clear and candid communication
• Simple but compelling concepts
• Execution with critical rigor and intentionality
• Room for Play & Experimentation

The first point is far and away the most important.