Product concept for a personal development goal-setting app


Sona is a concept goal-setting app. The app presents a user with comprehensive personality information after taking a personality test and encourages self-improvement through reminders and self-evaluations of user-defined goals.

Many fitness and health apps do a fantastic job of visualizing information, but the burden of deciding what to do with that information often falls on the user. Sona challenges this tradition by providing a more robust framework for taking action.


How can we make people feel successful?

Empower people to become their best possible self.


1. Create an interaction system that guides a person through self-defined improvements
2. Optimize for task success
3. Help people answer these questions:
Who am I now and who do I want to be?
How can I become that person?


From a user experience perspective, I was specifically designing for user happiness and repeated task success. Can the person define their own realistic goals consistently and evaluate themselves? Self-improvement is a long, gradual process—can we mitigate feelings of frustration and make people feel like they’re incrementally progressing towards success?

I started this project with just the concept, so for its current scope, my primary goal was to get to a refined and well-considered prototype of an interaction system that can be tested specifically for task success.


The Profile

The Profile identifies gaps between a user's current self and ideal self. The app prompts a user to take a personality test to assess the Big Five traits for both their current and ideal self to generate information about each personality trait.

If we consider goal-setting as an exercise in combating discrepancies, the Profile sets up the user to identify these discrepancies.


At the core of Sona is a simple goal-setting interface. The user can define their own goals for a personality trait they want to focus on. Users can then configure reminder notifications to remind them of their goals throughout a chosen time period. At the end of the time period, users evaluate themselves, a process that is explained below in the Diary section.

The Diary

The Diary is centered around encouraging reflection. Users are prompted to evaluate their goals at the end of their evaluation periods which are entered into a log of previous efforts.

Once a user has accrued multiple evaluations for a particular personality trait, the user can choose to retake the questions from the personality test that correspond to the specific trait and post the new difference in progress, which would then be reflected in the Profile.

User Flows

Empty States

Personality Assessment

Add Goals

Evaluate / Diary

Populated States